For the first 22 or so years of my life, I was, to my own detriment, scarf-averse. I never judged others for wearing scarfs, I just felt that it wasn't my lot in life to wear one. For some reason, probably because my father never wore a scarf and only my mom and sister wore them, I thought it wasn't for a man to do. It wasn't that I was afraid what others would think, it was just that I was under the impression that it was a "girl thing." I thought scarfs were like makeup or jewelry or a purse. Boy, was I wrong. I had no idea that men wore them nor how useful they could be.

In the past few years, I've come to realize the importance, the usefulness, and the life-saving abilities of the scarf. No longer do I believe that scarfs are just for women. No longer do I believe that scarfs are just as useful as a pinky ring. Most importantly, no longer is my neck cold.

Scarfs can keep us warm. They keep both men and women warm. They are also fun and soft. I have two cashmere scarfs. I love them. I also have a black one and one with blues on it. I am not an accessorizer, mainly because I don't care about colors and don't want to spend time thinking about clothes and matching, but scarfs? I like a good scarf. One rule, unless both your winter hat and scarf are black, under no circumstances should they match because that is too much accessorizing for a man. For this reason, and so I never have to think about matching, I have only one hat, a black one. I have two jackets: a sporty one (that I bought today) and a nicer one - they are both black. One pair of my shoes are black, most of my gloves are black, and I typically wear black pants to work. Black is good. So, with everything else normally being black, a scarf can add some liveliness to your day/mood/outfit.

I know of four ways to tie a scarf, all of which I utilize depending on my mood/weather/energy level:

I have very affectionately given the following names to the different scarf-tying methods: A. "The Drape," which is just letting the scarf hang evenly down your body from your neck. There's B. "The Drape and Swing," which is where you let half the scarf hang down the front of your body and you swing the other half around your neck and it hangs down your back. Then there's C. "The Tie," where you fold your scarf in half, drape it over your shoulders, then tuck the loose ends into the fold. Last, there's D. "The Wrap-and-Drape," which is where you wrap the scarf fully around your neck once, then let it drape down your front. I've posted pictures of the four methods throughout this post. Can you spot them?

Scarfs can add a lot to your life. Please don't rule them out.

P.S. I am pretty sure that Batman isn't actually wearing a scarf but that he is being chocked with a rope by a villain. Nevertheless, it kinda looks like a scarf. So, therefore, Batman wears a scarf.

P.P.S. What an awesome bacon scarf.

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