As the title states, some animals are hideous.  They are just ugly.  We can only pray that these uglies lack the necessary junk to procreate.  Here are some pictures I stumbled upon of horrifically ugly animals:

   If this dog were mine… I would cry.  He’s the reason why I’d never breed my own dog.  He looks like he bathed in a vat of acid, wears a toupee, chews rocks, and then blinded himself somehow… maybe during the acid-vat dip.

  This donkey(?) looks like it lit itself on fire, stuck googly-eyes over its regular eyes, was hit in the mouth with a shovel, then forgot how to chew.  He is an ugly.

   At first, I thought this beast was a cat, but then I realized the photo was entitled “dog.”  It then hit me that it was just a ugly, drunk, mohawked, rockstar of a dog.

gecko    I have no idea if this gecko is horrifically ugly or cute.  I’d say ugly because its disgusting qualities far outweigh its cute qualities.  Everything except the head it horrible.  The rule of thumb is that if you refuse to pick up the animal for fear of contracting a disease that will either instantly kill you or burn your hands off, then the animal is an ugly.

      I hate cats.  This photo doesn’t quite make the case pro-cat people.  Sadly, I just made the mistake of staring into its eyes.  Now I am colorblind.  Thanks kitty.

   The Red-Lipped Batfish.  It looks like a pancake and a stick of lipstick had an illegitimate angry, hermaphrodite baby.
   A Sea-Pig.  Normal pigs are generally ugly anyway, and since they are on land, we have to see them all he time.  I can only be thankful that this beast, possibly the most hideous thing ever created, is stuck underwater, where it will hopefully become extinct tomorrow.

   I don’t know what this fish is. It’s pretty obvious, though, that it’s what happens what you breed Nightcrawler from the X-Men with an obese goldfish, then inject it with a bucket of steroids. 

   AND, because it can’t be proper to end a post with a picture of a nightmarish, vomit-inducing creature, here is a little lavender, fairy-looking, smiling, frog-fish.  

animal  Animal says “EAT ME!”

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