Movie Commitmentphobia

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Occasionally, I can be indecisive. Consistently, when it comes to watching movies, I am totally indecisive. Choosing a movie to see, and pay for, at the movie theater doesn't cause any problems for me. I choose those movies within seconds. However, watching movies at home? Not so easy. It's a huge commitment. I was able, when I had cable, to watch two hours of tv without any indecisiveness involved when choosing shows. But when it comes to movies, I've been known to spend two hours debating which movie to watch, only to realize that the time has somehow become 1 am, and I have still not decided on a movie, then I just have to go to sleep since it's so late.

That being said, it is semi-depressing to now realize how much time I've spent debating which movies to watch. Probably hundreds, if not millions, of hours.

But, what if I choose a movie that is awful? That would be the ultimate media-related disaster, and I, and everyone else, too, should fear that outcome. I would rather debate for two hours than watch a terrible movie.

Maybe it comes down to the fact that I am risk-averse. The upside of choosing a movie? Two hours of pure awesomeness. The downside? TOTAL DISASTER. I wont risk it. Why? Simple: Pure cinematic-awesomeness is ephemeral, while TOTAL DISASTER lasts FOREVER.

So, the logical conclusion and lesson from both this post and my risk assessment? Don't ever choose a movie to watch. Ever. Be indecisive, or you may discover that, while watching an awful movie, your life completely fell apart.

(beware of total disaster)

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What? Doga.

They say that a dog's personality mimics or reflects that of its owner. True? I don't know. I do, however, know that if it is indeed true, I will own one high-strung dog.

So, I was reading a news website a couple weeks ago and stumbled across an article entitled, High Strung Dogs Chill Out with Dog Yoga. First, I thought to myself, "That's ridiculous. What fool would sign up their dog for yoga?" Then I read the article and nearly immediately discovered that the creators of yoga for dogs creatively coined this activity "Doga," a cleverly put-together portmanteau. Needless to say, I continued reading, thanks, solely, to my monomaniacal obsession with portmanteaus.

Doga isn't just some daycare-type activity where you drop your dog off and go grocery-shopping. You actually do yoga with your dog. As much as I don't have the patience to do yoga and can't bring myself to actually go to classes, for some reason I think I would actually attend class if I were going to go with my dog.

I think Doga may calm both me and the dog down - as one participant believes it does for her. It obviously makes sense that it would relax you, at least for a person. I don't know how much a stupid dog could really gain from practicing yoga... unless it was some sort of guru-master yoga dog.

Now my next step? Get a dog.

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