What? Doga.

They say that a dog's personality mimics or reflects that of its owner. True? I don't know. I do, however, know that if it is indeed true, I will own one high-strung dog.

So, I was reading a news website a couple weeks ago and stumbled across an article entitled, High Strung Dogs Chill Out with Dog Yoga. First, I thought to myself, "That's ridiculous. What fool would sign up their dog for yoga?" Then I read the article and nearly immediately discovered that the creators of yoga for dogs creatively coined this activity "Doga," a cleverly put-together portmanteau. Needless to say, I continued reading, thanks, solely, to my monomaniacal obsession with portmanteaus.

Doga isn't just some daycare-type activity where you drop your dog off and go grocery-shopping. You actually do yoga with your dog. As much as I don't have the patience to do yoga and can't bring myself to actually go to classes, for some reason I think I would actually attend class if I were going to go with my dog.

I think Doga may calm both me and the dog down - as one participant believes it does for her. It obviously makes sense that it would relax you, at least for a person. I don't know how much a stupid dog could really gain from practicing yoga... unless it was some sort of guru-master yoga dog.

Now my next step? Get a dog.

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