While browsing the hilarious failblog.org, I noticed an advertisement on the right of the screen. It was for big, round, squishable stuffed animals at Squishable.com. They are awesome. How could anyone not want one of them?? I don't even know what I'd really do with one... I'd probably use it as a pillow and throw it around, but it would definitely be awesome pillow-usage and throwing around. On the website, there's a picture of a woman carrying her squishable animal in an ice cream shoppe. That is unacceptable for two reasons: 1. Because it is stupid to do that, and 2. You will probably get ice cream on your animal, and no one wants a sticky, ice-cream-stained stuffed animal.

Anyway, Look at this sheep. How great is it? It's sold out, though, because everyone wants one. At $38 a piece, each stuffed animal is pretty expensive, so you're essentially paying $38 for a really fat, stuffed animal -- so you'll get a little bit of fabric and a bunch of stuffing for your money. If I were to buy one, I'd probably buy this sheep or possibly the rooster.

Maybe it's possible to make your own one of these? It would only cost... pretty much nothing. Maybe in a week or so, after this initial impulse to buy one of these crazy things disappears, if I still actually want one, I'll figure out how to make it myself. It should be very easy. I think I might actually do that.


P.S. For my subscribers: As you surely have noticed, these posts are emailed to you at about 1 am. They are sent out automatically by feedburner.com, not by me, and I am not normally even up that late. So, now you can sleep easy because you know I am getting to sleep at a normal hour and not suffering from blog-induced insomnia.

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  1. Jen // June 18, 2010 at 4:30 PM  

    I ponied up and bought one. It's arriving tomorrow. From what I read, people say how expensive they are, but "really, really worth it!" These furry friends peeked my interest enough, obviously. I'll let you know if I agree.