Isn’t that interesting…

   Isn’t what interesting?  sitigerI’ll tell you.  Tiger Woods.  Everyone likes him.  You like Tiger Woods.  I like Tiger Woods.  He likes Tiger Woods.  She likes Tiger Woods.  Everyone likes Tiger Woods.

   How can anyone dislike Tiger Woods?  He’s never done anything wrong; he’s only done everything right.  I dare you to even try to attempt to dig up something he’s done wrong.  I DARE you.

   Can you picture Tiger Woods not smiling?  I know you can’t.  It’s impossible.  Tiger has only one facial expression: a smile.  A humungous smile.  happygilmore

   Also, he’s a golfer.  Golfing is a harmless sport.  On the golf course, unless you’re Happy Gilmore, golfers are calm, cool, collected, quiet, smooth, and awesome.  How can a rational human being dislike anyone with the qualities of a golfer?  Impossible.  Impossible.

   The only negative about Mr. Tiger Woods?  None.  There isn’t one.  There is absolutely nothing negative about Tiger Woods.  You’d be severely hard-pressed to find a more amiable character.  No one dislikes Tiger Woods because there is no reason to dislike him.  Do you agree with me?  No matter.  You are wrong.

   Lastly, with a name like ‘Tiger,’ he must be a winner.

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  1. Unknown // December 18, 2009 at 1:52 AM  

    ...well, I said this a while ago, but as of December 2009 there are about 14 reasons (and counting!) why someone would dislike Tiger Woods. Nice try though, Adam.