Here are a few awesome items I found... mostly I discovered them in Budget Travel magazine while in the waiting room for the doctor.

  • Item #1: The Merchant of Venice on One Page

A one page book of Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice. Awesome. When I move into another apartment, this print will be the first decoration I buy.

  • Item #2: Reef Stash Sandals

I can't even begin to talk about how useful these sandals would be. Too bad I hate beaches.

  • Item #3: Travel Soap Sheets from
These sheets are incredibly useful. When I travel, I normally carry a very thin, tiny container of sheet soap and mini bottles for body wash, shampoo, and skin cleanser, but I had no idea that everything was available in sheets. Awesome.

  • Item #4: A FabMap from Rand McNally
These maps would be convenient on any trip. They are fabric maps. They are tearproof, wrinkleproof, and waterproof! Amazing. When I went to San Francisco I used a very small folding map that I used erasable whiteboard markers on to plot out itinerary each day. I think I used different colors for each day. Yes, I know, I am THAT guy who plans it all out... but wed did deviate from my plan, so I'm flexible. Anyway, the next time I visit anywhere, I'm gonna buy one of these babies to go along with me.

Those are the four items for tonight. Buy them all. They are awesome.

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