Kippah or just bald?

Thursday, June 12, 2008 | | 1 comments »

I wear a yarmulka around town, so it's pretty obvious that I'm Jewish. Every time I see someone else wearing a yarmulka and he sees me, we both nod or "hello." There's a connection between all Jews, sometimes you feel it, sometimes you see it. However, sometimes I'm wrong about "seeing it." Sometimes I see a guy wearing a beige-colored yarmulka and so I get all pumped up and ready to give him the nod or say "hello," but upon closer inspection, it turns out he's just going bald! Certain hair-loss patterns totally throw my Jew-dar off. Receding front hairlines and total baldness are fine because there's no confusion as to whether the area in question is hair or yarmulka. BUT, when the baldness is a circular spot on the top of the head? How am I supposed to know if it's a yarmulka or a bald spot?

Here's a picture I drew of it:


I don't think I can solve this dilemma... unless I can somehow destroy baldness. Since I'm not a doctor, though, I don't think I'll be able to create a cure. However, it would be quite the panacea, seeing the myriad of problems it would solve in the world, not to mention how much the shampoo companies would love it.

I also should keep in mind that I've never actually seen a beige-colored yarmulka and consequently, I've been wrong every single time I think someone is wearing one. Nonetheless, I still get my hopes up every time. I will never give up. Never.

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  1. Anonymous // June 15, 2008 at 9:30 PM  

    The one on the left is the man with a wait, the one on the right is, no, perhaps the left, nope- right, left, right #^%#@&%. They are both bald?!