I love caviar.  Sometimes, or always actually, I wish I were a millionaire so that I could afford to eat caviar every day.  It’s very expensive, which is why I haven’t had much of it in my lifetime. fish from nz I’ve bought a few tiny bottles of it, had it at a top sushi restaurant in New Orleans, and ate nine gallons of it at my cousin’s wedding in New Jersey.  It’s fantastic.

   Instead of spending all my money on caviar, which was my original plan, I can get a job in the caviar business.  I can work right on the boat or be the guy who actually extracts the eggs from the fish.  I think that would be the best option since I could sneak as much caviar as I want and no one would be the wiser.   I’ll have secret, unlimited access to it - I’d be a caviar spy… or a thief.  Also, not only will the taste of caviar be permanently drilled into my teeth, I would also forever smell like caviar.  It’s a win-win!

   Win-win?  That’s not enough.  It’s actually a win-win-win.  Why?  Because the sole purpose of my planning to earn a doctorate is that I’ll be able to afford as much caviar as I could possible crave.  If I work as a caviarman, I will save the huge $130,000 educational investment plus I’ll get to skip the four-and-a-half year time investment a doctorate will require.  So, I’ll get instant satisfaction!  Instant caviar!  Forget school!

Perfect.  I win.

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