Hello. I am starting a new business, in my free time, which I have a lot of. That was a beautifully constructed sentence.

Anyway, I am starting a business. It will be fantastic. My company is called TravelPaks. Soon, I will register the name with the state. I already own TravelPaks.com.

Startup costs? I'll basically have only costs associated with setting up the website and a few products, so about $200, plus whatever fees are associated with registering a business. I've set up my business model so that I'll incur costs only after the sale to the customer is made, initially at least.

What is TravelPaks.com? I'll be selling travel packs (but I spell it paks because that's cooler [incidentally, not typing the "c" is much more fun and saves a ton of time, too]).

When traveling, it's a huge hassle to carry, organize, remember, and pack big bottles of shampoo and conditioner, soap, cleansers, a toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. So, you instead, you can buy a travel pak from travelpaks.com with everything prepackaged! It's easy, convenient, small, unforgettable, inexpensive, and looks awesome. So far, I've planned out 6 different toiletries/travel paks, 4 pak-add-ons, and 6 extras. Some paks are already ready to be assembled and sold. I'm now just waiting for the samples of different types of bags from a couple of suppliers... then I'll be ready to go!

What are the paks I'm selling, you ask? Good question.

  • Basic Pak
  • Deluxe Pak
  • Men's Pak
  • Women's Pak
  • Airplane Pak
  • Relaxation Pak
As profits soar and I become more familiar with the market, the suppliers, and running the business, I'll create more paks.

I think it's worthwhile to note that I've somewhat based my business/sales model on In-and-Out Burger's menu. I used to frequent this unbelievable non-kosher establishment when I lived in San Diego and before I kept kosher. Their model is, in my words, "Keep it simple, very simple."

I have also given myself a title. My title is CEA. Chief Executive Awesome. I think it flows nicely.

And that, my numerous readers, is my business, in a nutshell... or a blog post, rather.

You now may be asking:
  • Why don't people just use the items from hotels?
  • Can't they already buy things like this online?
  • Can they take your items on a plane? Are they TSA approved?
  • Who would spend money on something like this?
  • Um... your idea is stupid, yes?
  • Since when do you know how to build a website? I've seen your blog layout and it's pretty clear you have no website-building talent...
  • How will you market this?
To all those questions, and to any other questions you may have... my answer is:
"I do have perfectly and ridiculously satisfying answers to all your questions, but I choose not to share them with you. Instead, most of your questions will be answered when my website is launched. For those of you who are eternal pessimists and believe you can foresee* my business's failing outcome, you should also foresee that I will destroy you."

I would like to end this post on a note of destruction. So, fin.

*did you know that a synonym for "foresee" is "foreknow"?? Awesome.

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