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What is awesome? Wakerupper.com. It is totally amazing.

Last week I decided that instead of setting an alarm, I would try a wake up call. I also didn't want to pay for this wake up call. So, I googled "Free Wake Up Call" and Wakerupper.com came up. I tried it, but my phone didn't actually wake me up since the alarm volume was set low, so Wakerupper left me a voicemail, which was fine. So I tried it again later that day and played around with some options. I programmed it so that my own recording is what I hear when wakerupper calls me. It worked perfectly every time.

Using the website is so easy and intuitive. It's also totally free, as far I can tell. If I get a huge cellphone bill from Verizon, I'll let you all know. Anyway, you can schedule calls for anytime, not just wake up calls. Soon, I'll begin using it to remind me to do things at certain times, or I'll set it up to call me when I'm out with someone I don't like so I'll have an escape route.
This website is ingenious.

Here's a screenshot (Click it to enlarge):

You can schedule a test call to sample this service before you sign up. I would recommend that. MAN, this service is awesome.

Another great website is kukuklok.com. It's awesome, too, but not as awesome as Wakerupper.com. It's an online alarm clock. It's very simple, and it offers about four or so different sound options for alarms. My favorite is the rooster, especially since the other sounds are so annoying that I'm afraid my body will force itself into a coma rather than wake up as to avoid listening to those sounds.

Here's a screenshot:

P.S. I love using screenshots.

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