I wish walking sticks and canes were still in style. Not the wooden or plastic ones people use to hike or are ones that are in any way truly useful, but the type used in the 19th century in England by the upper class because they were fashionable.

This picture was the best I could find. I'd want a black cane with silver decoration instead of the one pictured, but the top hat shown is acceptable.

I'd take the cane and wear the top hat everywhere. Top hats add a touch of class to your life, not to mention add an extra foot to your height, which wouldn't be so bad. And canes? Oh, man, I can't even begin to express how much an awesome, black and silver walking cane would improve your life.

So, with a combination of a top hat and a cane, I would be unstoppable. Totally unstoppable. All day, I would just roam the streets in the huge hat with the cane thinking about how awesome it is to have that beautiful hat and cane.

I do not have many regrets from my life, but one of them is that I never rented a top hat and cane along with any of the tuxedos that I rented for the proms I attended. I do, currently, own my own tux... maybe I should make the outfit complete and make some purchases...

The only annoyance regarding canes is that when you carry it around, you now have only one free hand. That is a big issue since I like both my hands free. However, since, for hundreds of years, people managed to deal with the use of only one hand while using the other to carry a cane, I think I can get used to it, too.

There are no issues, whatsoever, with wearing a top hat [all the time].

That settles it, one day I will buy a cane and a top hat. Wait for that day, because, my friends, that will be a glorious day.

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