I never pay retail prices for anything... ever. There are always ways to pay nearly nothing for nearly everything. However, there is one thing I pay retail price for. That is having my tennis racquet restrung (including the strings). Why do I pay for this? Because I can't string a racquet myself since I don't own the machinery. Besides, you buy the strings and stores string the racquet for free. So, I paid $35 or so for a new (totally amazing) grip, a restringing, and new strings.

My tennis racquet is a masterpiece of awesomeness. I would take it everywhere with me if I could. Maybe I'll take it to work and just let it sit beautifully on my desk. It would probably distract me, though, and all day I'd most likely just stare in awe at its captivating perfection.

Was it worth the $35? Oh yeah, totally. The racquet, with the new (kung-fu-like) grip, will finally stop slipping out of my hand from sweat while I'm in the middle of a point. Plus, I had the string's tension adjusted to 57. What does 57 mean? It means awesomeness.

I cannot wait to play another match with my captivating racquet.

P.S. my shadow (behind the bottom of the racquet's head) looks like the cookie monster.

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