I love English accents. I wish I had one... although then I wouldn't be able to appreciate its beauty and would probably wish I had a different one. Anyway, I guess there are a few different versions; there's the Cockney accent and the Kentish/London/Queens English accent. My favorite is the latter and that is the one of which this post is about.

That accent reminds of classiness, dignity, sophistication, and perfection. Why does it remind of this? Because. Is my love-affair with this English accent rational? Nope. Do I still wish I spoke with one? Absolutely.

I practice my English accent at least once a week, and the week that I spent in England a few years ago was like a dream. It was like I was floating on clouds of beautiful accents. That being said, I would love to live in England... perhaps study in Cambridge. The University of Cambridge is the most beautiful school I've ever seen (see above and below). There's so much history and tradition there since it's been around for almost 800 years. It was founded in 1209. 1209! That's unbelievable.

Back to English accents... if you're a Jewish, modern orthodox girl, and have an English accent, then e-mail me and we'll get married. Okay?

I hope that in heaven, along with a massive supply of kosher bacon, everyone has English accents.

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  1. Anonymous // July 26, 2008 at 7:58 PM  

    You do a great english accent! Keep up the good work.