The other day I raved about how awesome Joost is. Nope, I was wrong. It turns out that you can't watch too many tv shows, and all I ended up watching was Family Ties, which is a fantastic show, by the way. You can't beat Michael J. Fox. Anyway, Joost crashed a lot, and every single time I closed it an error message would pop up. So yesterday, I discovered I didn't have to download a program for it like I did for Joost, and there are SO many more shows, including Family Ties! It's also much cleaner looking and easier to use than Joost.

It's so much better to watch TV on your computer (on Hulu, not Joost) than on your television set. Reasons? You never just watch "what's on." You are more active in your TV-watching decisions... well, as active as you can be watching TV. I read articles, write this blog, and do pretty productive tasks while watching computer TV. ALSO, there are no trashy advertisements for 1-800-RED-HOT or those other late-night phone call companies. Also, there are no commercials or advertisements for other TV shows with half-naked women (there are on Joost, not on Hulu), which is great, because that business is not so holy and horribly objectifies women. You also wont happen to watch a TV show with awful values, since you are choosing all the shows. Sticking to shows that promote good values is easier online, not that anyone is actually able to stick only to shows like Family Ties and The Cosby Show, but still definitely easier. (I wouldn't consider The Simpsons and Family Guy full of good values, but I watch them anyway).

Lastly, commercials are about 45 seconds, in total, for each show on Hulu. Relative to the 7 and a half minutes of commercials on regular TV, you save yourself a ton of time.

Second lastly, it's free!

Third lastly, they've even got movies.

And, you can watch shows in HD on your computer.

I also think it's legal.

I could probably go on forever, but next week I'll probably find a better program and rave about that. So, I'll stop here.

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