On Sunday, for some reason, I agreed to see Mamma Mia with many of the female members in my family. Why did I see it? I do not know. Do I like musicals? No. Do I like chick flicks? Not particularly. Do I like movies where the actors dance? No.

The plot of the movie wasn't too bad, and the three main male characters are pretty cool guys, but otherwise... not a cool movie.

I realized almost immediately after the movie began that I disliked it, but not until about an hour into the movie did I realize the extent to which the movie annoyed me. At that point, I realized that throughout the whole movie I'd been thinking to myself, "This movie would be so much better if all the characters were vampires and if there weren't any singing or dancing." I'm unsure why I subconsciously chose vampires over some other group of villains like zombies or even just a simple plot change, but once I brought that thought to my conscious mind, I realized that I was totally right. Had all the characters been vampires and somehow lots of blood had been involved, Mamma Mia would have been an awesome movie.

They should not only change the movie to reflect my ideas, but also the Broadway version itself. I would probably go see it in New York if they adopt my ideas. Maybe I'll write a letter to the producer.

oy vehismia.

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