I enjoy free speech, don't you?

Iran: Death Penalty for 'Online Crimes'

"In accordance with the new law, bloggers and website editors can be sentenced to death for crimes such as promoting corruption, prostitution and apostasy..."
Also, the article (from the Jerusalem Post) states that Ahmadinejad even has his own blog. It's probably like an Arabic version of Mein Kampf, but with Google ads, a link to Ahmadinejad's Facebook profile, and a list of his favorite hilarious YouTube videos.

Once a friend of mine from England said to me, after walking through the campus center at school at UMass Amherst where she was studying abroad, that she was amazed by how much free speech we had. She saw the pro-abortion groups and some other really liberal groups there are at UMass, and how they were all shouting for their causes, and freely doing so, and everyone just accepted others' ability to speak openly. I'd just assumed it was the same way in England. She said, obviously, that there is free speech in England, but just not at exactly the same level.

The first amendment is fun.

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