Before my days of keeping kosher and after my days at the Jewish Day School (so during my high school and early college years) I fell in love with bacon. Although I haven't eaten bacon since January of 2005 - I remember that meal because I said to myself, "I'm about to go to Yeshiva in Israel and will probably decide to never eat bacon again, so I might as well load up now for the last time," at which point at I ate a HUGE plateful of bacon - I still crave it every single day. I walk by restaurants that serve bacon, read bacon-related articles online, and browse bacon-inspired products on Ebay. For some reason (because bacon is so awesome), there is never a shortage of articles and products raving about the awesomeness of bacon.

Here's the latest article that I found about bacon. It's about bacon-scented and bacon-patterned formalwear.

Here's a product that I found a few years ago on Ebay that I saved on my computer:

I could go on and on and on about bacon, but writing this post about something I miss so dearly is pure torture, especially at such an auspicious time (breakfast time) of the day. Actually, all times of the day and night are perfect for bacon because bacon can make any part of your day better.

These bacon cravings have lasted years. I don't think they'll ever go away. So this problem (addiction?) is something I'll have to learn to live with. Blarg. Although it's tough, I've remained steadfast in my self-denial of bacon because I know it's right.

Man, bacon is the best food ever. It has a salty, sweet, beautiful, lingering taste unlike any other food, and is so good that I want to cry just thinking about how amazing it tastes. Maybe in heaven bacon is kosher. I will pray for that.

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  1. Anonymous // July 11, 2008 at 7:34 PM
    maple-bacon lollypop goodness